Artist Sylvie Pras

Born in France, I studied advertising art there at a time when PC did not exist. I arrived in Menorca in 1982 and fell in love with the island, its light and its tranquility. Although I dedicate little time to drawing and watercolor for many years, I never gave up completely. I worked with Miguel Cao drawing with pen and china ink for his book “Flowers of Menorca”, I made calligraphy works and some logotype, I took drawing classes with Marcel Villier, did watercolors for friends and acquaintances.
Three years ago I signed up for illustrative drawing lessons with Yolanda Carretero and started again to fully enjoy recreating with simple lines and colours the beauty that surrounds me and that I still discover every day. I work from photos I usually take myself and that inspire me: portraits, landscapes, towns, houses. I won’t give up anymore with painting.
You can find Sylvia Pras paintings here